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International Association of Real Estate Consultants®

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Since 1999, Our Conviction Remains:
"Consumer-Centered, Results-Focused Real Estate Solutions"®


Welcome to the International Association of Real Estate Consultants® (IAREC) and the Consumer-Certified Real Estate Consultant® (C-CREC) designation!  Founded originally in 1999 as the National Association of Real Estate Consultants®, the first real estate fee-for-services organization of its kind, we're now global---but our mission remains the same:  train savvy real estate agents to become consumer-centric real estate consultants, creating a win/win for the profession and consumers alike. One of the key components of our mission is to make the real estate process more transparent to consumers----educate them and let them choose which services they want and pay what those services are worth----unbundling real estate services in an a la carte fashion.  The consumer’ surveys and de-briefings I’ve done across the country continue to drive home the fact that real estate buyers and sellers want choices, payment options, and to have greater control in the real estate process. 

If you’re a real estate professional who’s looking to banish working for “free” and instead, earn “professional fees”, we invite you to join our tribe.  Since 1999, we’ve trained over 2,000 agents who have earned the Consumer-Certified Real Estate Consultant® (C-CREC) designation.  Together we’ve done much, are capable of more, and continue on track to transform the real estate industry into a kinder/gentler profession, assisting one satisfied consumer at a time.

If you’re a real estate consumer, who wants to select the services you need and pay what they’re worth, we encourage you to visit this link on our site, where you’ll find information about the fee-for-services consulting process as well as locate one of our world-class C-CREC® designees.  Since 1999, our conviction remains, “Consumer-Centered; Results-Focused” since it’s all about providing savvy real estate consumers with viable, cutting-edge solutions that get you as quickly as possible to your personalized end result!


Founder, International Association of Real Estate Consultants®

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