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Founded originally in 1999 as the National Association of Real Estate Consultants® by real estate educator Julie Garton-Good and globalized in 2011 as The International Association of Real Estate Consultants® (IAREC), we are the first real estate fee-for-services professional organization of its kind.  Since our inception, the mission remains the same: Train savvy real estate agents to become consumer-centric real estate consultants, creating a win/win for the profession and consumers alike.  To date, more than 2,000 agents world-wide have earned the Consumer-Certified Real Estate Consultant® (C-CREC)® designation, thus reinventing the way they do business using consumer-centered, results-focused real estate consulting.. 

One of the key components of our mission is to make the real estate process more transparent to consumers----educate them and let them choose which services they want and pay what those services are worth----unbundling real estate services in an a la carte fashion. This is more important than ever today in the wake of the mortgage meltdown, market downturn, and eroding home equity.  Consumers have myriad real estate questions, many of which don’t pertain specifically to buying or selling property.  Questions like: “How can I protest the assessed value of my home?”  “What kind of home renovations will truly increase the value of my property?”---and the list is endless.  That’s why, when consumers want answers to tough real estate questions, their best bet is to work with a C-CREC® designee.

If you’re a real estate professional looking for a new and exciting way to reinvent yourself while beefing up your bottom line, we invite you to learn more about us and our education programs. Click Here

If you’re a real estate consumer who’s interested in exploring how to save time and money by working with a Consumer-Certified Real Estate Consultant®, you can locate one near you at this link.

Thanks for visiting our site and come back often.  Since 1999, our conviction remains:  “Consumer-Centered, Results-Focused Real Estate Solutions”®    Come join us in the real estate REvolution!


Julie Garton-Good, DREI, C-CREC


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