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How Truly Profitable Is Your Real Estate Business?
In the wake of the mortgage meltdown and the foreclosure fiasco comes another industry coffin nail---the lack of profitability for real estate brokers and agents. But this really isn’t a new event. In fact, during the housing market boom, profits were drifting lower year after year. ....more
March 2011
Show Me the Money
While we admit that our industry has never been stellar in placing proper “time value” on the personal services we render, here’s the way we typically (albeit erroneously) calculate what we’re worth per hour. We take the gross amount we make and divide it by the total number of hours we worked during the year---and it turns out to be a negative number! How can that be? Simple. ....more
March 2011
Are You Majoring in Minors?
It’s Vital to Realize Your Value: While it’s enlightening to uncover how valuable an hour of your time is worth, it’s a whole other level of guts and gumption to be empowered by it! Here’s an approach to help you get comfortable with realizing your value. For one week, write down every major activity you do and the time and resources it takes to perform. ....more
March 2011
Beef-up Your Bottom line
Good for you, reinvented agent! You’ve determined what one hour of your professional time is worth and now you’re ready for the exciting part---applying it to your business. The following are applications of fee-for-services consulting that can help you become more consumer-centric while beefing up your bottom line. ....more
March 2011

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