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C-CREC® Course Objectives

Upon completion of the seven-hour program as a C-CREC® Designee, you will be able to:

  • Clearly differentiate between “discounting” and “fee-for-services consulting”
  • Drastically reduce the amount of free/non-fee services you provide
  • Decide which services you can safely unbundle and which should remain packaged, and why (based on licensing laws and liability)
  • Determine the dollar value of one-hour of your time, the profitability of each service you provide, and which services you should never perform again
  • Cement a client relationship for life using the Consumer Needs Assessment® tool combined with retainer fees and a customized “Results Timeline” for each consulting engagement
  • Customize a two-page “Our Game Plan for Working Together” agreement to explain to consumers what you will and won’t do, their role in your partnership---reduced to writing and agreed to before you start working together
  • Determine the best target market niche and design products/services to deliver to that target client, including passive “money-in-the-mailbox” products to sell from your website via e-commerce
  • Complete and apply a three-page business plan to seamlessly integrate consulting activities into you current listing/selling business (if applicable)
  • Access and personalize downloadable forms, checklists, logos, and consumer-centric marketing materials as a C-CREC® designee


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