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Consumer Quiz
Are You a Savvy, Reinvented Real Estate Consumer? Take the quiz and find out!... see more

What Will Services Cost You? Seven Guidelines to Help Determine the Fees You Pay
While each C-CREC® determines his or her own pricing structure based on a variety of factors, there are seven general rules of thumb to help you determine approximately what a service or task should cost you . . . see more

Six Questions to Determine If the Consultant Is a Specialist
Okay. You've decided that working with a real estate consultant is the right move for you. But how can you gauge the level of competence and expertise of the consultant? . . . see more

Credentials Let You Evaluate Quality
Once you've found someone you deem to be a specialist in the area in which you need help, the next step is to check out professional credentials and documentation . . . see more

Red Flags When Interviewing a Real Estate Consultant
It's likely a consultant will be on good behavior, saying all the right things during your initial interview. But as you would with any other potential business arrangement, keep your eyes and ears open for red flags that could alert you to potential roadblocks ahead . . . see more

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