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REvolution Solution



C-CREC® Designee:  You ARE the REvolution Solution in Real Estate!

Definition:  A revolution (from the Latin revolutio, "a turn around") is a fundamental change in power or organizational structures that takes place in a relatively short period of time.

As a Consumer-Certified Real Estate Consultant®, you’re on the cutting-edge in reinventing the industry using fee-for-services consultancy.  You’ve blazed a formidable path, and you are to be commended.

So why today, is it a REvolution in real estate and where do you fit?  Consumers are battle-worn, weary, and discouraged after the events of the past several years.  Their equity has eroded, the costs of owning a home have skyrocketed, mortgages are tougher to get and keep current, and (this is a biggie!) they no longer have the equity to pay percentage fees if they do want to sell their home! What was often seen as a financial inconvenience for consumers in the past is now an impossibility for many!

Eerily fitting the definition in this post-real estate- meltdown, Americans’ are ramping up a real estate consumer REvolution…And, in a relatively short period of time, consumers are demanding a turn-around in real estate services, approaches, and getting their needs met.  This fundamental change in power puts them in the driver’s seat, and they intend to stay there. And when it comes to organizational structure, they’ve seen that the old way of accessing real estate services and the banal, tedious system of the listing/selling process no longer cuts it.  They demand a new, transparent way to navigate real estate services and they’ll gravitate to the most expeditious, streamlined, and cost-effective way to get it….So it’s totally your time!  ---Enter the Consumer-Certified Real Estate Consultant® (C-CREC®) and the fee-for-services consulting business model. You ARE the REvolution solution!

It’s been twelve years since the founding of NAREC (and its 2011 global morph to International status); but now the synchronicity of the needs of the consumer have married the unbundled services of the C-CREC® designee to create a true, long-lasting win/win. What can be more cost-effective and transparent than allowing the consumer to select the services needed, and pay only for the services selected? Using this approach, the consultant takes on the role as trusted advisor, scrapping the dated “only a salesperson” mantle and is able to build a “client for life” in the process.

Your focus is framed; your mission, accomplished.  Since 1999, our conviction as C-CRECs® remains:  “Consumer-Centered, Results-Focused Real Estate Solutions®. We’re happy that you’re on the real estate REvolution journey with us, and we appreciate you as a member!


Julie Garton-Good, Founder
International Association of Real Estate Consultants®

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