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Tom Stackhouse, C-CREC® Morton, PA:

Greetings to my fellow real estate professionals! In 2001, my real estate career was at the twenty-year milestone and I was seeing many, many changes in the industry, especially in the areas of computer use and internet real estate marketing applications. Then, I began to hear a recurring question during listing presentations. Mr. & Mrs. Seller would ask, "Why is there such a huge difference between what a seller listing a $100k home for sale and a seller listing a $500k home for sale pay at closing for your brokerage services? WOW, I could see right then and there that the consumers were beginning to "see through" the "X" percentage same-old-way we did business.

I did my own research and discovered the National Association of Real Estate Consultants® (now International Association of Real Estate Consultants® website, which offered a course to teach me just how to respond to questions like those, while offering consumers an alternative to the same old way. After taking the Consumer-Certified Real Estate Consultant® designation course and learning about how to build a consultative real estate alternative using the "Fee-For-Services Model", I essentially broke down all brokerage marketing and representation behaviors into a menu from which consumers could select just what they needed from me, and conversely, do what they were willing to do themselves (to save money). This has been very well received by prospective clients and relates very well to something they already understand: the way other professionals are compensated, namely attorneys and accountants, financial planners, etc. The real estate business is very different now in 2011 and I encourage all of you who read this to consider a new way of doing business. After all, I've heard it said, that if you can't win at the game by playing it the "same old way", perhaps you simply need to "change the game".

Please contact Julie Garton-Good at her new international site, to learn how you, too, can change the game and succeed!

Thank you, Julie! -----Tom Stackhouse, C-CREC(R) Morton, PA.

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