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Why Work with a Consumer-Certified Real Estate Consultant®?

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Why Work with a Consumer-Certified Real Estate Consultant®?

If you’re like many consumers, the real estate meltdown may have you wondering whom/what you can trust today.  Is it the mortgage lender that saddled you with a loan payment that’s now adjusting into the stratosphere?  How about the fact that you thought your home equity would continue to grow into a sizable nest-egg for your financial future and retirement?  And now, in the aftermath, you’re disillusioned and searching for a trusted advisor that can provide impartial, factual information to help you answer your real estate questions and solve your real estate needs.

Look no further than a Consumer-Certified Real Estate Consultant® (C-CREC®)

With a C-CREC®, It’s a Transparent Process!

The C-CREC®’s focus is to provide consultative services in a no-pressure, hassle-free environment, by “guiding you, not deciding FOR you”---with no hidden agenda to sell you anything. This allows you, the consumer, to retain maximum control and flexibility; components that are of great importance to savvy real estate consumers.

This unique approach begins with the Consumer-Certified Real Estate Consultant® gathering information from you about what you want to achieve, timeframes involved as well as any concerns you may have about attaining your real estate goals. This is called the Consumer Needs Assessment® (CNA®) phase; and upon its completion, you’ll be provided with a written copy of the findings.  If you and the C-CREC® decide to work together, this information will become the road map/gameplan for your working relationship.  Additionally, the real estate consultant will work with you to set pre-determined checkpoints to review the progress made and adjust any approaches or timeframes necessary.

By unbundling services in an a la carte fashion, the Consumer-Certified Real Estate Consultant® is able to provide you with various unique “menus of savings” options that allow you to customize your real estate experience.  No longer a “one-size-fits-all” traditional real estate approach, you’ll move seamlessly towards your results-focused outcome.

Access/Pay for Professional Real Estate Services As You Need Them!

And it’s not only the flexibility of working with a Consumer-Certified Real Estate Consultant to access the services you need, it’s the money-saving potential as well!  Whether you’re looking for assistance in marketing your home as a for-sale-by-owner, or protesting your property’s assessed value and tax bill, you’ll compensate the C-CREC® in professional fees, not in a percentage lump sum of your hard-earned home equity.  As your trusted advisor in real estate, the C-CREC® serves as a vital financial team player just like your CPA or stock broker. 

Where to Begin?  Join the Real Estate REvolution!

If you’re ready to join the throngs of other savvy real estate consumers who select the services they need and pay what they’re worth, you can find a Consumer-Certified Real Estate Consultant® near you!

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